“Brother Can You Spare A Dime” from a concert at the Whiskey Lounge, Evanston, IL hosted by Steve Rashid on 11/20/2014.
Ron Dewar/sax, Jim Cox/bass, Dennis Luxion/keyboard.

“New Boots” and “Beautiful Love” from a performance of the Diane Delin Quartet on WTTW’s CenterStage in 2006.
Diane Delin/violin, Dennis Luxion/piano, Eric Hochberg/bass, Phil Gratteau/drums.

“Ponteio” with the Dutch band Batida featuring vocalist Josee Koning on the TV show “Sonja op Vrijdag” in 1983.
Theo de Jong/bass, Dennis Luxion/keyboards, Gerhard Jeltes/drums, Bart Fermie and Nippy Noya/percussion.

“An Afternoon At Home” from An Evening with Chet Baker – 2/29/80 Live at Le Dreher (Paris, France).
Chet Baker/trumpet, Dennis Luxion/piano, Maurizio Giammarco/tenor, Riccardo Del Fra/bass, Donny Dunstable/drums